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It seems like it happens four or five times a year when my husband recruits a handful of us to be garage organizers. The garage is a unique place in the house. If you don’t know where to put something, put it in the garage. It is the universal dumping ground of our home. This is compounded by the fact that we seem to think that the garage is also the multi-purpose room as well. This double use leads to a regular need to organize the garage.

For example, the weather is warming up, so it is actually warm enough to use the garage. Hence, the garage organizers were put to use! The object was to make room to set up the punching bag and pull-up bar. The punching bag we have had for a while, but the bar was a Christmas gift for our teenage son. They tried to set it up after Christmas, but it was just too cold out to be used. So, for access and enough room, things had to be rearranged. The recycling stuff had to be condensed (in the winter, the kids preferred method of recycling it to just throw stuff in the general area instead of organizing by specified bag, then I get to sort it on the morning the recycling truck does pick up). There was also a few boxes of stuff to go to the local thrift store. Winter items have to be put up on shelves, and other miscellaneous items moved around. After sweeping, the garage looks decent, and a corner of it is now a designated gym!

Though, I have to admit, the garage wasn’t really that bad because my husband rounded up a few garage organizers a few weeks ago when it was really cold and my daughter’s car was having problems. We had to actually straighten things up enough to put her car in the garage!

I know that later in the summer, my husband will want to do some wood projects. This means activation of the garage organizers! His workbench is in the corner of the garage with a variety of items stacked on top. This ranges from things like empty computer boxes (do we really need to keep those? Do we dare toss them?) to sleds to unused small pieces of furniture. New places will have to be found for all of these, plus make sure that there is easy access to all the power tools that are kept (well organized) on a shelf, you just can’t get to the shelf.

I should clarify, our garage is not a total mess, we do have shelving where we store our boxes of stuff like Christmas decorations, camping supplies and keep-sakes. It is just the other stuff that is put out there because we don’t know where else to put it. For instance, I currently have two book shelves in the garage. Shelving can be expensive, and though I do not need these right now, I may soon. So I do not want to sell them, I just have no use for them in the house. So, there they sit in the garage, moved around by the garage organizers when called upon.

Some other times when the troops are called to action include the fall, when we are thinking positive about actually parking our car in the garage for the winter (it hasn’t happened yet for more than a few days), summer time when we are active gardeners, and any time one of the kids has a special project (like a pinewood derby car that needs spray painting in January). So, the system is crazy, but it seems to work for us, I am even thinking of getting everyone a special t-shirt that says “Professional Garage Organizers!”

MJ is a free lance writer for Click Shops, Inc., where you can find a large selection of garage organizers at

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Turning a garage into an efficient, organized part of your home can be a daunting task. Organizing your garage may sometimes feel impossible. However, there are ways to work around your cozy confines, and turn your cluttered garage into the kind of room you want it to be. The key, when organizing your garage, is to make use of all available space. This may mean making space in your budget for a few organizational tools, but the results should be well worth it. By considering these tips, you should be on your to a cleaner garage.

There are a few areas in the garage that are not often used for storage. It is extremely important to locate these areas because maximizing your storage space is important if you want to achieve an organized garage. For example, the ceiling, and the space above door are a few of these under used areas. You can also purchase a rack, which attaches to door’s rails. With shelving that uses the empty area near the ceiling, one can easily store gardening tools, sporting equipment, skis, fishing rods, large boxes and other such items. The garage is a useful place to store seasonal items that are easy to retrieve when they are needed.

While your gardening tools are taking up space along the walls, your snow shovels, sleds and other wintry devices can be kept out of the way above the door. Ceiling storage racks are also available. One of the best uses for this space is for storing fishing rods. Simple rod racks can be attached high up along the wall, and your rods can be kept out of harms way along the uppermost parts of your garage. Accompany this rack with a couple of shelves, and you can keep all of your tackle right there next to the rods. This same practice can be used for golf clubs, or other related equipment on shelves. You can even store baseball bats, gloves and other sports gear on these shelves.

The uppermost regions of a garage are often underused, and while a stepladder may be necessary to reach those items, it is worth the extra effort. With a small garage, using the ceiling for storage can be a powerful solution.

The walls in your garage are another space which is often wasted. A well-used wall can help keep your garage organized very well. Peg boards help keep your walls organized because they are capable of holding additional items. A peg board allows you to easily hang a wide variety of items. Many shovels, tools, rakes and other items come with holes at the ends in order to make it easier to hang them on these pegs. Hanging a net from the pegs can solve the problems of various balls, Frisbees and other assorted items that are not easily stored anywhere else. Furthermore, adding shelving to peg boards is a breeze. Shelves can store any other item that does not dangle from the pegs, and it keeps the floor space clear.

Another way to make your walls useful is to add compartments to them. Stacking wooden boxes along a wall can provide you with an easy shelving solution, and the boxes can be stored along the walls. Compartments of this sort are sold with doors, small shelves within the box, many other varieties. By stacking items at various heights, you can adjust for different items that hang on the wall, and it can make your wall space that much more efficient.

At this point, if your garage is still not organized, it may be time to put some serious thought into throwing away unnecessary items. If you cannot find a practical way to store these unnecessary items, there are solutions to consider. One of the most trying elements of garage maintenance is dealing with the storage of garbage and recycling containers. These items can take up a great deal of space, and make for tricky maneuvering when they have to be moved. Buying a caddy for garbage can alleviate this problem greatly. If space is too much of an issue, try putting the garbage cans underneath a table that can double as a workbench or a shelf. In all, even the most challenging problems can be solved.

Getting a small garage organized can be quite an ordeal. However, with a good system, you can alleviate your space related woes, and make your garage a space that is used effectively. In order to achieve this level of success, you need to properly use all areas of your garage. These include the ceiling, along the walls, and the corners. Efficient use of these area, can lead to an organized garage. When organizing your garage, there are many important storage solutions to consider and they all help you achieve the organization that you want.

Nick Kakolowski is a freelance writer who writes about organization of the home, often discussing specific helpful products such as garage organizers.

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January 23, 2010 by admin Get INSTANT Access To 14000 Woodworking Plans & Projects. The Most Complete Woodworking resource. Download Thousands Of Plans And Easily Learn Over 20 Years of Woodworking Knowledge. … 14000 woodworking plans projects sheds racks wood barns birdhouses chairs carts chicken house decks garage workbench bench cat farm playhouse clocks home office building stools build rabbit table wishing well

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One of the most innovative companies when it comes to garage storage is Gladiator Garage Works. They offer complete garage organization systems and products. From storage cabinets to work benches, to wall hooks and ceiling storage to garage flooring and appliances. Everything you could possibly need to not only get your garage organized, but also looking top notch.

Gladiator prides themselves in their products and for good reason:

As already mentioned, they offer a complete system for your garage, regardless of your need. They give you a choice of full or partial wall coverage, with a lot of flexibility based on what you need to store. They are very versatile because all of their products are modular. The wall slot garage storage system allows you to rearrange or add components are your needs change. Casters are optional on many cabinets so that you can move your tools with you as you work. Gladiator garage storage cabinets are very durable. They are made from heavy duty materials that are built to last. This means the strength of steel with a sleek tread plate design and a durable powder coat finish. They also use oversize casters and piano hinges on their cabinets. Gladiator has many of their products UL tested. This includes their hooks, cabinets and wall systems. Being tested by an independent lab gives you confidence that their garage storage products will hold the weight they are rated for, and in extreme temperatures. Gladiator gives your garage a unique style and uniform look. Their garage storage systems are rugged, stylish and easy to clean. Your garage becomes like another room in your house where you enjoy to spend time, not dread going out to when you need to locate something.

Another great thing about Gladiator, is they make it easy for you to organize your garage. Regardless of you activities or interests, they make it simple by offering special garage packages. These packages offer everything you need from flooring, to cabinets, to wall systems with the specialty garage storage baskets, shelves and hooks for your special needs. The packages they offer are:

Sports package which makes it easy to lace up, grab your gear and go. Includes plenty of baskets for holding sports gear and balls as well as shelves, a fold away work station and gear locker. And of course, a refrigerator for holding cold drinks so that you don’t have to go in the house when you are sweaty and dirty. The Outdoor Activities package is similar to the sports package, but with some differences to make it easy to pack up and hit the slopes or the trail, regardless of the season. This package is set apart by the special hooks for storing outdoor gear, such as skis and bikes. The Automotive package will make you feel like you have a professional shop. It includes flooring, and plenty of cabinets of different configurations for storing your tools. Cabinets come on castors so you can take your tools to your project for easy access. Workbench tops with power strips also come in handy. If you love gardening, then the Gardening package is for you. Among other things, it comes with hooks and loops for hanging your tools, plenty of shelves for storing pots and other gardening supplies, as well as cabinets, a garage compactor, a work bench that is great for potting and a clean-up caddy. Last but not least, the Home Projects package is great for the DIY person in your home. This garage storage package comes with plenty of hooks for tools, various cabinets, work bench with power strip, small item bins, stool, garage compactor and fridge.

So, if you are looking for a good looking and efficient garage storage system, look not further than Gladiator. With a little work, you will have your garage organized in a manner that is best suited for your lifestyle. You will never again have to go to your garage and stand there wondering where to look for your missing tool, racket or potting soil.

MJ owns Blue Summit Articles and is a freelance writer for Click Shops, Inc., which offers a large variety of garage storage options at

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No Comments Get INSTANT Access To 14000 Woodworking Plans & Projects. The Most Complete Woodworking resource. Download Thousands Of Plans And Easily Learn Over 20 Years of Woodworking Knowledge. … 14000 woodworking plans projects sheds racks wood barns birdhouses chairs carts “chicken house” decks garage workbench bench “cat house” farm playhouse clocks “home office” building stools build rabbit table “wishing well”

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Plan Your New Garage Design and Garage Building Size

Local Building Regulations Regulate Your Decisions
When building a new garage or adding on a garage addition, it is important to begin by consulting your local planning department for information about building permits, zoning regulations and set back requirements. Set back requirements regulate how close you can build to the road as well as bordering property. If you do not comply with these building regulations and obtain proper building permits where necessary, you may have to tear down the new building or relocate the garage. It sure costs less to do the work right the first time! To build your garage you will need building plans or construction plans and a plot plan, which indicates the garage building location on your land.

Building Inspectors Offer Great Advise Your local building inspector may be your best resource for free advise when planning the construction of a new garage. It is a good idea to consult with your local city building inspector before you start your new project. This may make all the difference in developing a great relationship for future projects. Their building inspectors advice is free, and they can help ensure your garage project is up to code.

Plan Your New Garage on Graph Paper
After you have made a list of every item to be placed in your new garage with the item sizes, Purchase graph paper to lay out the items and plan the total size you will need for your new garage.

What Size Garage Should I Build?
What size should you build your new garage building? A single car garage should be at least 12′ wide by 22′ deep. The minimum width for a 2 car garage building should be 20 feet, but you will need additional room if you’re planning on putting in a workbench or if you’ll need to store your kids bicycles, lawn mowers, tools or your work shop equipment. A 22′X24′ wide garage is a more optimal garage size. Whatever size you choose to build, 2009 pricing for a new garage has a cost from $26 – $38 dollars per square foot. If you own a pickup truck and a sport utility vehicle (SUV), your garage needs to be at least 22′x22′ feet. Your ceiling height should be at least 8 feet high.

Build Writewell enjoys spending time with his lovely wife and young son. He loves the outdoor activities such as fishing, softball, playing catch, and shooting hoops as well as boating. He is the proud author of

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Your garage storage space may be a roof for the gardening equipments and dump like furniture and used equipments. Garage products like unwanted or rarely used equipment may cover up a fine portion of your garage storage space. Moreover, these may also be breeding grounds for insects and rodents. Due to them, your garage storage may get disorderly and muddled. The parking space reduces as these garage products cover up most of the space. This is common with many people and garage storage solutions prove effective for overcrowded and dysfunctional garage storage spaces.

Garage storage solutions
Garage solutions like garage storage cabinets and garage cupboards can enhance your garage storage thereby improvising the look and feel inside. However, before these garage storage solutions are implemented it is important for you to throw away the junk and get serious about your garage storage. You must study the needs of your garage and look for futuristic garage storage solutions. By examining the current pattern of your garage storage you can work out a revamp. Here are few effective ideas for garage storage.

Examining your needs
You must examine the space on the garage walls. Garage storage space can be created through effective use of walls. You can use J hooks on the wall that can be used for hanging various things. You can further attach holders or plastic baskets on these hooks that can be used for the storage of gardening equipments like spades, saws, nails, blade and various equipments that can be balanced well on these hooks. J hooks make one of the best garage storage solutions.

Garage storage cabinets
Garage storage solutions like garage storage cabinets and garage cupboards are useful. When you are on the verge of making your garage good looking and organized, garage cupboards can house many scattered tools. Garage storage cabinets and garage cupboards can be installed anywhere on the corners based on convenience. The ceiling wall mustn’t be ignored as it provides highly useful garage storage solutions. You can get garage cupboards and garage storage cabinets installed all around the garage storage space and put your rakes, old papers, bags, toys, household scrap, etc in them.
Garage products and ultimate pro

Ultimate pro at your garage storage space can help you to set up your cycle in house itself. This is easy to integrate and set-up and can cater to the repairs of your bicycle at your garage storage space itself. Ultimate pro is a must have. Garage storage cabinets according to preference can be used to shelve the ultimate pro. You may prefer to have rare use materials like Christmas décor and rake in the garage storage cabinets at the ceiling and everyday use requirements like lawn accessories, toys and ultimate pro at the lower end. All the tools, pesticides, fertilizers and lawn use resources can be placed in separate garage storage cabinets. These garage products also help you to protect your belongings from dust. There are various other garage products that work as garage storage solutions available in the market. Garage storage cabinets and garage cupboards and hook boards are highly recommended. A workbench at the garage may prove handy.

Author bio: Eduardo Remington is a usual customer of Pro-Garages garage storage and depicts about the best garage storage solutions, garage cabinets, storage cabinets and ultimate garage products.

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Is it Time to Add a Garage?

January 16, 2010 by admin

If you are tired of trudging through rain or snow to get to your car, adding a garage to your home might be just what the doctor ordered. If your car or truck is beginning to show the effects of bright sunlight and the elements, a garage might be just what the body shop would recommend.
Adding a garage to your home can provide controlled access to your vehicle, protect your vehicle from damage or theft, and also provide a little extra storage or work space, or both. Best of all, adding a garage can also increase the resale value of your home possibly more than you paid to have the garage built!

Before you go too far with planning your garage addition, you will need to check with your municipality and understand local building codes, space requirements, access requirements, etc.

The first decision to make is whether the garage will be free-standing or attached to your house. Local building codes may require that your garage be attached to the house.

The second step is to begin to plan the project.

* Select a style and roof line that is consistent with the style of your house
* Select building materials that are consistent with the style and exterior materials of your house; ensure that the materials meet local standards
* Decide whether the garage will be designed to accommodate one or two or more vehicles
* Decide whether you will build an “oversized” garage to provide space for a workbench, gardening supplies and equipment, lawn care tools and equipment, etc.
* Decide whether you will include an exterior door, perhaps for access to the back yard
* Decide whether you will include windows and a skylight. The added light can change a dark, dingy garage into a much nicer space
* Choose a garage door and opener
* Decide if you will use the space above the garage for storage and, if so, how you will have access to that space
* Consider the electrical wiring needs you will have in the garage (for example, will you need outlets all around the interior, or only in one or two places; will you need a 220 line and outlet for a freezer or other appliance?
* Decide if you want the space heated and cooled
* Determine if you want to have a sink or bathroom in the garage. A mud room with full bath can be a nice feature

When your plans are complete and you have the necessary permits and permissions in hand, it is time to begin construction. Here are the primary steps in the construction process:

1. Clearing the area of trees, fences, shrubbery, etc.
2. Excavation removing grass, top soil and dirt
3. Filling the excavated area with gravel and compacting
4. Build and set the form for the footings and concrete
5. Anchor the floor to the foundation of the house
6. Pour the concrete floor and footing
7. Frame construction
8. Roof construction
9. Install exterior siding
10. Install shingles
11. Install ventilation, plumbing and electricity
12. Install windows and the garage door(s)
13. Install insulation and vapor barrier
14. Install interior walls and ceiling
15. Install access to attic area
16. Prime and paint

Building a garage is not a simple project. Unless you have the specific skills required, you will probably need to hire either a contractor or several skilled workers or teams. Assuming that you will do only decorating and finishing work, the kinds of skilled professionals you will need are:

* Excavator
* Concrete form builder/setter
* Carpenter
* Roofer
* Electrician, plumber
* Bricklayer, stone mason, wood or vinyl siding installer
* Drywall installer
* Window and door installer

Current trends in garage construction clearly favor building a garage that is attached to the house, with windows on at least one side and an automatic garage door opener. If you want to provide access to the attic without sacrificing space, the best answer might be a drop-down stairway. If space permits you to do so, some built-in shelving or strips for hanging lawn and garden tools make a garage very functional. The more organized the garage, the more functional it will be. Anything you can include in your plans that will enable you to organize the space for neatness and cleanliness will be a clear asset when you sell your home.

Another thing to consider, both for your own comfort and to protect your investment, is a coating of sealant on the concrete. This will protect the appearance of the garage in the event of fluid leaks from your vehicle.

Insulation may seem an unnecessary expense in a garage. Spending the additional money to insulate a garage will generally make the garage more functional in any of a number of ways. First, it will make the journey from the house to the vehicle more comfortable in hot or cold weather. Second, it will be more comfortable if you use the garage for a work area. Third, if you store gardening or lawn care chemicals or automotive fluids in the garage, insulation will reduce the risk of fire. Finally, an insulated garage reduces the influx of hot or cold air into the house.
Adding a garage to your home can answer several needs and provide some much-appreciated creature comforts. With careful planning, you can create a multi-functional addition that will meet your current needs and increase the value of your home.

Copyright 2008 by ABCD Publishing

Dan Fritschen, Publisher at ABCD Publishing, is a consultant to both individuals and businesses who are trying to decide whether to remodel or move. ABCD publishing currently owns two helpful websites, and

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Custom Ranch

January 15, 2010 by admin

of crown molding! Gorgeous eat in kitchen also opens to living rm & sunroom! Sunroom features Royal Spa Hot Tub for year round relaxation- connected to deck. Awesome mstr suite has whirlpool tub, custom walk in shower w/double shower heads, his/her vanities. Bonus rm 90% fin over garage. Workbench in 3c gar. Rainbird sprinkler system with 8 zones too! … Tour521750 Jeff Dianna Clampitt 4860 Daisy Lane Mooresville IN 46158 Carpenter Realtors TourFactory homes for sale Real Estate Virtual …

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1807 S Fairlawn Avenue

January 12, 2010 by admin

arbor gate trellis leads you to the flagstone patio and Koi pond with waterfall, overlooked from the screened porch at garage. Inside, this neat home has is a large eat-in kitchen with ample cabinets, updated bath, and huge family room down with wainscoting and daylight windows in the full basement. Shower in basement. Garage workbench is included.

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Gorilla Rack 5-feet Workbench